Seven Times Lucky and other news from the road

Well, it’s been a while but I’m happy to report I’m still alive and well. Thriving, in fact. Although “The Whole Ten Yards” opened to dismal business and even worst reviews, I’m standing by my team spirit and pride by insisting that the movie is funny, Matthew Perry is hilarious, Bruce gives a wild performance and Amanda Peet once again somehow pulls off being sexy and dorky. As for my character, it’s the funniest lead role I’ve ever done. So, who’s word are you going to take?

I’m also happy to report that I just completed filming another movie with Bruce Willis. It’s a suspense drama called “Hostage” and was adapted from a best selling novel of the same name by Robert Crais. It’s a page-turner folks and I highly recommend it. Bruce had given it to me to read while we were shooting “The Whole Ten Yards” and I loved it. Miramax is putting the film out in the fall or Thanksgiving. So look for that.

In the meantime, a little movie I starred in called “Seven Times Lucky” is making the festival rounds. We debuted at Sundance and just won best screenplay and film at the Method Film Festival in Los Angeles ( I was nominated for best actor, if you really must know). We’ve also been invited to show at the Toronto Film Festival in September. Hopefully, someone will pick up this little gem (a ridiculously sweet review is available here at the site) and you all will get a chance to see it.

News from the road: I’m also touring this year with my stand-up act. The new dates are listing here as well. This July, I’ll be recording a live CD and DVD at Cobbs Comedy Club in San Francisco! Yep, the wait is over for those who’ve signed up for a copy.

Until next time, remember, when life gives you lemons…. open up a lemonade stand and make a killing!


From the set of The Whole Ten Yards

Well it's been far too long, but I finally got a spare moment to offer an NEW diary entry. I'm writing from my trailer on the set of "The Whole Ten Yards." This is a sequel of "The Whole Nine Yards", which was the movie I did a few years ago with Bruce Willis, Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet and Natasha Henstridge.

In the first movie, I played "Yanni Gogolak," who was trying to kill Bruce Willis' character because he ratted out my father and sent him to prison. Well, in the end, Bruce's character kills Yanni, but I'm thrilled to report that the sequel begins with Yanni's father, Lazlo Gogolak, getting out of prison, and his first order of business is to avenge his son's death.

I can honestly say this is the best role I've had in the last twenty-five movies, or so. Believe me when I tell you that it's been many years since I've had this great of a part, and it could be one of the top three parts I've EVER had.

Now, because "Yanni" was my own age, "Lazlo" is in his seventies. That means each morning I start my day at work on this movie by sitting in the make-up chair for almost four hours. Yep, FOUR HOURS. The good news is that the guys doing my make-up are some of the best in the prosthetic make-up biz. In fact, Wes Wofford, who is the key artist doing the daily application, helped to invent this new incredible silicone-based product that's applied to my face in pieces to ultimately build the awesome look that is Lazlo. I'm trying to get clearance from the producers so I can post some photos of myself as L azlo. I'm telling you guys, you will not believe what I look like.

I've also had an amazing time creating the voice for this old Hungarian mobster, as well as, his walk and style of dress, etc. The script for this sequel has gone through some extensive re-writes with George Gallo ("Midnight Run") doing the work, with Bruce, Matthew, Amanda and yours truly lending a big hand shaping and creating some really cool and hilarious scenes.

The director on hand is doing a great job. His name is Howie Deutch and he has been a God-send. I worked with Howie several years ago on the sequel to "Grumpy Old Men." He did a great job on that one and he's doing it again on this one. Personally, I've never been so called upon or looked to for my input, and it's really been the greatest experience I've had working on a movie in very long time. Truly one of the top three, I'd say, creative experiences of my career.

There's been a tremedous amount of laughs during the making of the movie. Sometimes we get very little work done because of all the cuttin' up. I guess because when you work on a sequel it's like a reunion for the cast. We already had quite a bit of a shorthand in terms of how we kid around and cut to the chase with each other. Because of that, we've had a hell of a lot more fun on this one than we did on the first one. I'm talkin' BIG LAUGHS folks! Naturally, you never know if such antics will translate onto the movie screen in the course of making the film, but I feel as confident as ever that we've got a real shot at something special here. By all means, wish us luck.

Well, I've got to get back to work now, so until our next round-up, be well, love life and find a reason to be happy, damn it.

Peace, my bruthas and sistas-