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Kevin's New Book-  "How I Slept My Way to the Middle"

The Littlest Suspect DVD

3rd 1-hour Stand-up Special. $13.49

What Are The Chances? CD

Kevin's latest CD. $20

A Little Off the Top CD

Kevin goes back home to San Francisco to talk about his journey through show business. Autographed. $20


Marsupials Scare Me T-Shirt

Front: Frankenstein never scared me.
Back: Marsupials do.... 'cause they're fast!
White cotton, with black artwork and lettering. $20

Kevin Pollak's Chat Show Travel Mug

Leather Sleeve - Grey Text $14.99

Kevin Pollak's Chat Show T-Shirt

Front: KPCS Logo
Black cotton, with white lettering. 
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Red State (2011)  
The Big Year (2011)  
Columbus Circle (2011) Producer/Writer  
Cop Out (2010) Hunsaker Buy 
3 Nights in August TBD Producer/Writer  
Middle Men (2010) Agent Allans Buy 
Choose (2010) Tom Wagner  
2-13 (2010) Dr. Simmons  
Entourage (2008) Mr. Levene Buy
Picture This (2008) Tom Gilbert Buy
Shark (2008) D.A. Leo Cutler Buy
Otis (2008) Elmo Broth Buy
Numb (2007) Tom Buy
The Staircase Murders (2007) David Rudolf  
The Lost Room (2006) Karl Kreutzfeld Buy
Niagara Motel (2006) Michael Buy
Santa Clause 3, The (2006) Cupid Buy
A&E Biography of William Shatner, The (2006) Himself  
BBC's Tribute to Jack Lemmon (2006) Himself  
Hostage (2005)   Buy
Seven Times Lucky (2004) Harlan Buy
Whole Ten Yards (2004) Lazlo Gogolak Buy
Blizzard (2003) Chief Elf Buy
Rolling Kansas (2003) Agent Brinkley Buy
Frank McKlusky, C.I (2003) Ronnie Rosengold Buy
Stolen Summer (2002) Rabbi Jacobsen Buy
Santa Clause 2, The (2002) Cupid Buy
Mother Ghost (2002) Dr. Norris  
Juwanna Mann (2001) Lorne Daniels Buy
"Project Greenlight" (TV)
Himself Buy
Dr. Dolittle 2 (2001) Riley/Alligator's Voice Buy
3000 Miles to Graceland (2001) Damitry Buy
Wedding Planner, The (2001) Dr. John Dojny Buy
Steal This Movie (2000) Gerry Lefcourt Buy
Whole Nine Yards, The (2000) Janni Pytor Gogolak Buy
Deal of a Lifetime (1999) Jerry Dante Buy
End of Days
Nominated for
"Blockbuster Entertainment Award",
Favorite Supp. Actor, Action / Sci-Fi (2000)
(1999) Chicago Buy
"Work with Me" (TV)
Jordan Better  
Deterrence (1999) President Walter Emerson Buy
Sex Monster, The (1999) Dr. Jerry Berman Buy
She's All That (1999) Wayne Boggs Buy
Outside Ozona (1998) Wit Roy  
Hoods (1998) Rudy Buy
"From the Earth to the Moon" (TV)
Nominated for
"Golden Satellite Award",
Best Performance by Actor in Mini-Series (1999)
Apollo Program Manager Joe Shea Buy
Buffalo '66 (1998) TV Sportscaster Buy
Ruby Bridges (TV) (1998)
Dr. Robert Coles Buy
Underworld, The (TV) (1997)
Charlie Dyer  
Salute to Martin Scorsese, A (TV) (1997)
Truth or Consequences, N.M. (1997) Gordon Jacobson Buy
Don's Analyst, The (TV) (1997)
Dr. Julian Reciputo  
Cannes Man (1996) Himself Buy
That Thing You Do! (1996) Boss Vic Koss Buy
House Arrest (1996) Ned Beindorf Buy
Alien Encounter (1995) Spidlok/XS Cronie (voice)  
Chameleon (1995) Matt Gianni  
Interactive History of Frankenstein, The (1995) Boris/Igor (voice)  
Usual Suspects, The
"National Board of Review Award",
Best Ensemble Cast (1995)
(1995) Todd Hockney Buy
Grumpier Old Men (1995) Jacob Goldman Buy
Casino (1995) Phillip Green Buy
"Drew Carey Show, The" (TV) (1995-96)
Mr. Bell (voice) Buy
Canadian Bacon (1995) Stuart Smiley Buy
Miami Rhapsody (1995) Jordan Marcus Buy
Clean Slate (1994) Rosenheim Buy
Comic Relief VI (1994) Himself  
Grumpy Old Men (1993) Jacob Goldman Buy
Indian Summer (1993) Brad Berman, Matt's Cousin Buy
Wayne's World 2 (1993) Jerry Segel Buy
Opposite Sex and How to Live with Them, The (1992) Eli  
Few Good Men, A (1992) Lieutenant Sam Weinberg Buy
Ricochet (1991) Detective Larry Doyle Buy
Another You (1991) Phil Buy
"Morton & Hayes" (TV) (1991)
Chick Morton  
L.A. Story (1991) Frank Swan Buy
Avalon (1990) Izzy Kirk Buy
World According to Straw (TV) (1990)
"One Night Stand" (TV) (1989)
Willow (1988) Rool Buy
"Coming of Age" (TV) (1988)
Brian Brinker  
Million Dollar Mystery (1987) Officer Quinn  
Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (TV) (1985)
Voice Characterization Buy